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A ghey meme.... )
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I've had to stop watching League Of Extraordinary Gentleman halfway through because its sheer awfulness is making my eyes bleed....

I'm at a course tomorrow, chance of a proper update.
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I don't post for ages, and then just a crappy meme....

LJ Battle Royale! by monmonito
Weapon you got:None
Your goal in the game:To kill. Period.
Number of students killed:67
For fun, you kill:theheatherfreak
Out of a personal vendetta, you kill:asw909
Accidentally, you kill:amberbutterfly7
You have an alliance with:karma_who
You develop a puppy-love romance with:miss_behave
Watch out for:nocien
Percentage of survival possibility:: 43%
Dying words:"Hey D."
Quiz created with MemeGen!

No weapon, yet loads killed. Sounds about right....
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But I'm back to doing IT support, so I've not been too keen to go near my computer to update.  I also have about 75 unread emails waiting for my attention so apologies to my tardiness in replying to any mails anyone has sent.....

Tonight brings the joy of P J Harvey in concert. I can't wait.

And on the ghey-ass meme everyone's doing, if you have such an urge to share your feelings about me help yourself but don't expect me to join the clusterfucks on each individual sickening love-in. Keef's is excepted, but the only way we're going head-to-head on insults is on pay-per-view....

I'll try to update about the fabulous weekend tomorrow.
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Another fine start to the day as I went to collect my mail in shorts with dreads akimbo to terrify one of the several million people who seem to live downstairs.

Today's amusing attack on The Freak will involve the fact that her new heroine, the foul-faced titless scottish harridan who presents You Are What You Eat  with breath taking rudeness*, is a complete fraud with a mail order doctorate in "Holisitic Nutrition", whatever the fuck that is, from Buttfuck University USA. All praise Private Eye as always....

This may be my last post for a while as my daughter's arrival is imminent, for our weekend trip to London, and when we get back she will keep me away from here with a combination of her black belt in hugging and her 24/7 demand to play Black & White and Startopia. Plus the last thing I'd want is her to find this journal. *shudder*

*I've only seen the start of one episode, but I was screaming at the huge lump of lard she was lecturing and abusing - "FOR FUCK'S SAKE, SHE WEIGHS LESS THAN YOUR BREAKFAST! IF YOU'RE INCAPABLE OF MAKING A FIST JUST EAT THE FUCKING FILTHY ANOREXIC WHORE!"
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As this news is filling the airwaves we have to ask ourselves, is this suffering enough to allow the old witch to die of the shock?

Personally, much as I fear her outliving me, I hope she hangs on to see him put away in some filth-ridden South African jail where he can die from AIDS related complications after severe sexual assaults from his fellow inmates....

And even then I want her car to slide under a petrol tanker and for her to taste her own blood before the agony of the flames get her.

I think this Exploited track was appropriate, with its chorus of -

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie - You fucking cunt!
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Something I filled in a while ago, just wondered what other people's classics would be...

Select up to ten classics (in no particular ranking order):


Author (if appropriate)

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<input ... >

<input ... >


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Trying to settle back in. It's raining and grey.

Arrived back promptly on Friday thanks to the pilot of the plane slaloming between the biggest fucking storm clouds I've ever seen and [livejournal.com profile] attack_monkey kindly picking us up from the airport.

Hung out with [livejournal.com profile] djimm and [livejournal.com profile] k_matic on Saturday, and spent yesterday gloriously doing fuck all. London with The Freak and my daughter on Friday.

Must catalogue the trip while I can still remember it.

That is all.....
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There is no fear like being targeted by 1/2 a ton of bull. I´ll explain more later.

I love Spain me, I´ve had more mad conversations with assorted bizarre nationalities. One of which got me locked out of my room and severely sworn at by [livejournal.com profile] theheatherfreak.

Today has been a 4 bottles of wine and assorted beer day, it´s just like Stoke but with less violence. Apparently [livejournal.com profile] podman has destroyed North Cornwall, this should come as no surprise.

As may be obvious I am a little worse for drink and the reception of this fine hotel do not approve of my dishevelled and semi-naked state, so I will leave it here.

Leeds by Friday night.....
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I´m afraid that I have allowed the freedom of holiday to get the better of me, and have become somewhat inebriated.

I apologise in advance for any slips in my language and grammar due to this filthy condition...

Today it has been a mere 32C so we used the temperate conditions to pay our respects to the local museum; purveyor of culture and knowledge from the local region. Very pleasant and informative it was too.

This evening I drank much wine and beer and when the ladies withdrew me and John, gentleman of this house, retired to the only bar still open locally. Contrary to popular myth this was not run by Colombians but by Peruvians. John ingratiated himself with the inhabitants of said bar thanks to a trip to Peru a few years ago, although this granted us much free beer it also meant we were accepted as virtual brothers and find our attendance demanded for tomorrow´s Peru night which will feature traditional food, drink and apparently, my singing. I don´t think they know the error they commited there.....

Although I demurred, on the reasonable grounds that I am due to be stomped into a bloody mess by some angry bulls tomorrow, they insisted. Not only that but they acted out the secret tactics for avoiding death in this circumstance. It may have been useful if only they weren´t blind drunk during the demonstration.

The bar owner, who was the peruvian version of me, admired my drinking skills so much he offered to take me on a personal hunt for crocodiles in the amazon. It was that kind of night....

I´ve yet to decide whether my understanding of much that went on is due to Latin-American Spanish being much nearer to Latin, or whether I just remember more Latin the drunker I get.

I suspect that even if I survive the bulls tomorrow, the Peruvians may finish me off.....
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You know it´s odd. Even though I´m far away in Spain, I can still feel all the love from my friends back home. I´m sure you´re all loving the little titbits of information about my sunny, pampered life while you slave through your miserable lives in the rainstorms I hear the UK are suffering right now.....

Today finally passed 40C which I celebrated by going up into the mountains and enjoying the fresh spring water, liberally mixed with copious amounts of San Miguel. Then I went to a restaurant that was so pork obsessed even the house Rioja had a pig´s head on it.

In the past few days I have been to Valencia and stayed in the best hotel I´ve ever seen (it was so nice, I nearly threw myself out). Valencia is still the finest city I´ve ever seen. In the next few days I hope to fit in a bullfight, more cava, more art and a bullrun before I head off to Barcelona on Sunday. Apparently in the bullrun the bull´s horns may be on fire.


If you hear a story about bulls being beaten up in Catalunya, you know who to blame.

BTW Keef, I´ll be there in spirit. Save me a copy of the gig! ;)
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Yesterday was particularly Rock and Roll.

The best paella ever, then floating in the pool having snacks and Cava brought to me.

I like Spain....
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Rushed, rushed, rushed.

Leaving in about an hour for Spain. This makes me very happy.

Yes. As The Freak points out elsewhere, we'll still have access to t'internet at times so expect much smugness hereabouts.

I'm carrying the money this time. Pickpockets my arse....
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I'd forgotten the acerbic joys of Islay Single Malt.

Today has hovered between sink and swim, success and failure, hated now and hoped-for future.

This evening was Grosse Pointe Blank, Bill Hicks and Aliens. It's hard to imagine more perfect an evening. Especially with the whiskey.

For once, and after 33 years, I feel myself teetering on the verge of adulthood. Just to save me can anyone find a use for my diatribes against Crackerjack?

Which reminds me, I had a conversation with an old guy at Ponte train station about the Miner's Strike. I've been reminded because my Mam finally managed a replacement for the knitting machine she sold for food back then for her birthday a few weeks ago. This old guy said what he hates the Tories for more than anything else over the strike is the way it turned him into a thief so he could feed his kids. A man who punishes himself for going out at night to dig up potatoes to feed hs children while he fought for the right to work.

I'm not angry enough.....
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Right, seeing as how my body clock has been reprogrammed by two weeks of work to think I have to be up at seven every morning I'll try to sum up the past week or so.

Last weekend's recording mayhem... )

This week I continued to work. The terrible secret is I quite enjoyed it, a few weeks of honest labour is good for the soul. I wouldn't recommend it for any longer however...

On Friday evening we were hosted by [livejournal.com profile] attack_monkey and Jen and had much fun drinking and shouting with assorted personages. On Saturday evening we went round to [livejournal.com profile] djimm and [livejournal.com profile] k_matic's for Chinese food, poker, drinks and dvds. It was particularly good of them to let us crash there, especially as my buzzsaw like drunken snoring woke everyone at six in the morning. Except me of course.

Sunday morning I received an unexpected call from Fluff who was about to travel through Leeds and asked if we fancied bowling, to which there can only ever be one response. Me and [livejournal.com profile] djimm went to town to meet him, and to give him aid in his seemingly endless battle with the one-way system. [livejournal.com profile] attack_monkey will be particularly upset we couldn't get in touch with him because on my first attempt I somehow manged to throw myself down the alley in a spectacularly acrobatic fashion. Fluff claimed that his poor showing throughout both games was down to having torn a number of quite important muscles laughing at me. It's a good job that I have no sense of shame. [livejournal.com profile] djimm did his usual cripple act in the first game and beat us like ginger step children, however my appeals to Crom in the second game resulted in my victory. Fluff was just pleased to come equal last in the second game. After a trip to The Palace for Djimm's lunch we all went home.

Today I advance my plan to become a Social Worker.

*Please note - vocalist not singer. Definitely not singer...


Jul. 21st, 2004 11:05 am
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Posting from wap because of extreme boredom... Anybody feel like writing some tunes, I think I've got the bug again! The Freak will be impressed...
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It's Monday.

Therefore no proper update yet, even though it was a humdinger of a weekend that ran from 6 pm Thursday until 4 pm Sunday when I fell asleep standing up.

To give you some of the flavour check out Keef's post and listen to me grunt.

It may be the rebirth of Grinding Industrial Apecore......
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But stream of consciousness demanded.

I drink therefore I am. In fact I drink therefore, well who gives a fuck beyond that?

I hung out with teachers and they thought I was loud and asked why I was quiet before and why no-one ever complained about me and why I was so loud and why did I never buy drinks and why was I going to fight the drunken fool I was told had spilled my pint and who did I know and why did I know them and why did I laugh and how old was I and....

And tomorrow I may record so now I shit myself. It's been so long.

Mostly I think, I need more opera. Really, listen to it. Understand what it asks of you, let it take you where it will.

Hmmm, perhaps as my dearly beloved says it's just another cover for my wander-lust..........

*EDIT* Even I have no idea what I was on about here. Gods bless alcohol...
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