Nov. 29th, 2004

dreadtemujin: (scar)
Well that was a pleasant weekend.

Above-average chats in the pub on Friday, followed by cava and dirty kebab.

Vagrant wanderings and bullshitting with my hetero life-mate [ profile] djimm on Saturday afternoon, followed up with meeting [ profile] k_matic for a guided trip to the Cherman market. I was then dragged out of the beer tent by [ profile] theheatherfreak, kicking and screaming, to go to a sushi party. Which turned out to be fabulous and full of people I haven't seen in ages, including a mutual stalkee I haven't seen since my last cancer battle.

Needless to say, off we went to Mojo's where we bankrupted ourselves with the cocktails. After becoming blood brothers with some bloke with a giant 'fro, we staggered to Sandinista where everything went a bit blurred....

Because [ profile] theheatherfreak was broken on Sunday, I went alone to meet the previous night's reprobates at Oporto for a godlike Sunday lunch, wheat beer and gossip. Another quick trip to the Cherman market and then home to a Freak that felt well enough to imbibe some red wine.

Today my new dose of thyroxine really kicked in, and so we'll draw a curtain across the hyper mayhem. I'm off to read my finally arrived Stoic manuals and to bare my teeth at every sound.

The course I'm on for the next two days should be nice.....

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